I am a

Mum, wife and a very good elder sister. Every thing I am, I learned by being all these things, constantly. I have a big family, living just a few kilometers away from me, in Melbourne. I believe in family ties, my mum taught me that. Family is everything to me. I am a South Indian (Hindu) and I love reading. My mum made sure I learnt everything there is to learn about the million or so Gods and Goddesses. Not funny or ridiculing but its true though. I learnt that my religion is very tolerant and very forgiving too. I am not overly religious but, I believe in my religion and that the roots of it has seeped into my culture of how I live.

My belief is not what made me, my mum and her values are what guided me and I am from there on, Me. Nothing special but nothing ordinary either. I read anything and everything, I believe in learning and I am still learning, just to be a better person. The things I learnt, I live it. I stumble too, but, getting back on track is very easy for me.

I have lived in Hong Kong where the culture is also family oriented and I have also lived in New Jersey where there is very little to do with family. I am loving that Melbourne has given me that security to be true to myself with my family and still be me.


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