Let’s do this again

No one would guess that this year that I too have so many questions within. Everyone sees what they wish to see, some see the scary haunting thoughts it plagues us within when you see me and some see the fun and joy that I bring in too. 

What don’t I have? I too have these many layers bound within me, from the flesh to my seeds and the tough skin outside. Days on end I have to hold it together and not wither away just because I can. I am the picture of health, even after you scoop away my resilience and strength, because you need me to hold it together. 

You carve my body, shape your thoughts on me and I have this one chance to be the one you want me to be. To make me look ugly or nice, all you get is this one chance, you know it too. If you break me, it’s ok for you. What about me!!! 

But hey, it’s ok, I shall hold it together for you, I know it’s the fun part of what I bring in, every year. The smiles, the memories, the fun part and many such immediate ones. Keep this me and remember to make good memories for this year. When I am fine and adorn your stoop, I am the one that brings in the best few months of joyful memories, laughter and fun times. 

It’s ok for those who make me and keep me, and it’s also ok for those who don’t. Just walk by me and imagine what it could mean to you if you had me. I don’t mind being here or there, I know I am only just for a few days anyway. My purpose is to make you have memories. I know I will be long gone before you come by again. Let’s make them last while we can.


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