Beauty of us being colourful


How interesting is it to see so many shades of colors in one beautiful shell. Exactly like us, we have these different shades of colors within us. Some shine exceptional well and the others just blend in to make the whole of it beautiful.

There are moments in our lives when we come across that one person who seem to have it all, entirely. We might meet them or pass them or get to know them, and we think, wow. That’s not a bad thing, they got to where they are by being what they wanted to be that is ok. We did what we could do and are where are, that’s not bad too.

But, we do know all we know. We endured, we accomplished, we experienced. It’s that which makes us unique. We might not all make it to the top, but, we do fine. Everything cannot be the same, how could that be remotely possible. Even this planet which bears us has so many different things. Plants, trees, mountains, shells… Each and every thing is different, all might not be unique or beautiful but it does exist.

We humans are so clever. We find things, we make things and we also do question things. How clever is that. We are very good at hunting and gathering, we seek. We never stop to question and find out the answers. If we like what we find then, we gift it to the world, otherwise, we spend even more time looking for answers.

It is that which makes us special, beautiful. When we walk along the beach we come across so many shells. Some are broken and some are perfect. We might pick any many of them and we do know we are not walking on the beach to collect them. We just do, we don’t always. Some moments just stay with us, when we see the sea it may remind us of the waves that crash through our thoughts or the spray that teases our skin  which may carry the tinge of saltines to kindle our senses. With all that, we linger on the shore to take it all in and then we carry it with us. Like the grains of sand that somehow finds it way back with us home.


This is what we know and why we know. We learn all these things with time. its the same time that taught us to be different and unique. We might not all make exceptional pieces but we do fit. Some this side of the ocean, some under the rocks and some, in our hearts. Someone, somewhere must have touched or carried one small shell. It might not be much to the shell, it is us that makes it special. Where we keep it, is up to us and just as where we are with ourselves, it’s entirely up to us.

We have what we have and we might not see ourselves, but, someone does. Doesn’t mean we are not special or unique. We are. It might take us a while to see the same picture others have of us, but it is that which makes us the best critiques too. We are not easy to please, you know why, because we are not seeing what others are seeing. It might take us a while to take it in or not, but, it does shine. Maybe not all of it shiny and bright but brilliant in every way.

Someday, on some isolated or a crowded beach, you might walk and think about nothing. You might just be passing by or heading there, in that one moment, you might stop and think nothing at all. That is what we are capable of doing. We can stop and do nothing and also do everything. We can build sand castles, gather shells or throw driftwood back into the sea, we could it all. We don’t head out with a plan, but, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. That’s the best part about us.


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