Doorway to my heart

ImageBeing blessed is so easy to take for granted. I am blessed, every minute of every day. The things that I am thankful are so many, mundane or little things, yet, they are my blessings. We just get on with our day to day existence and when we do face tough times, we forget that, it is just a phase. I have had some very bad days and some not so bad days and I forget who I am and what I have.

I have the most precious of things, my life, my kids, my family – my everything. It is a strong bond. That might not be much for some but for some old souls like me, it’s everything. I am what I am! We might all be different, but each one of us have at least one string that pulls or winds them up- family. Strange isnt it? Why, I have no idea. We need them but can do without them at times. We dont have to have them, but, life gets interesting with them – in it. Hmm…

Technology has opened so many doors for us, we can breeze through some and we can freeze out some. Some are so silly and funny that we feel so superior at times to even look at them. Curious minds is what we are, cheeky and naughty too at times. Its that particular trend that is which reminds me as where I relate to all these patterns, emotions. I have done this before, with my family. I hate some, love some and absolutely adore some… This feeling, this reaction of my brain connecting to the nether regions of my heart is not something I can explain or put into words. Its very disturbing to say the very least.

What does that say about me, I like this or I don’t, do I enjoy this or not, do I want it…maybe. It is not a puzzle, just a pondering question, maybe for a minute at best. We are so good at this- questioning, checking, doubting, clarifying and Googling – dont forget Googling.

There is a very Indian (the dot kind)belief that, there is a recreation for every creation. “Shristi ki prathi Shristi” There is a remote small hamlet where there is a Yogi’s ashram/school of a learned scholar called Vemmanna. Now, this is a Telugu saint/Yogi (one of the many languages of my beautiful India). This saint’s learning is still being spread across to the many people living in and around that region. My mum did not go to school- she found it boring and tedious. But, she is the most learned and knowledgeable lady I have ever known in my life. Yes, my world is as small as it seems to you now, but, hey – it’s was mine. She kept repeating this mantra day in day out and, top this- she used to yak away, “one day, when you have kids, you will understand”. I had this look on my face :O  

,that’s is. By then, I was the most knowledgeable lady of my knowing- huh, go figure.

Now, I get it, I really do!

They hold the key to my everything, my sanity, my insanity, my clarity… My kids.

Its their being that is my blessing. I can do this, I am getting good at this, you know. I so very gracefully fall flat on my face at times, but, who cares, I don’t! They will be my stars, my blessing – the ones I am thankful and blessed for that alone most of all. Doorways are so tricky, doors which say open this way or close that way, but, they are there for us to enter or exit. I do fine either way ^_^



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