There are scores who have ventured onto this path. I am not denying it, but, am just tagging along, this is a first for me. Me, the newbie.

Hopes, dreams, aspirations, desires and what not. We all have them, we do, cant deny it. We are humans, arent we. I have always put aside that time, that one day, that I will do this, starting out, fresh and brave. And, guess now, that day is here. I am here, blogging for myself, Me!!!

Not that I have any doubts about my creative gene, its just that other things took priority, life, family and what not. And, my gene was falling silent after years of trying to peek out, things do get in the way of what we always thought we will do. No more.

I am going to try and get into this creative gene mode very often, for me. Reading what I have written so far, looks like this is slowly taking shape. I am a newbie, yay !!!

So here goes, thank you for reading this and thank you for taking your precious time to acknowledge or glimpse at what I have written so far.


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